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Tournament Rules

WSKL General Rules & Guidelines




1.  RINGS - must be 20'x 20' (they should be matted for safety reasons) for both forms/sparring

2.  FINAL DECISIONS – are made by an Arbitrator

     EXCEPTIONS RULE- judges and Arbitrators, at the approval of the Promoter, may modify any existing rules in the event of unforeseen circumstances that impact the fairness of competition. Examples of exceptions may include technology glitches, interference that disrupts normal competition, or other anomalies that give a disadvantage to a competitor that is of no fault of their own.

3.  JUDGES - 3 judges are located at the front of the ring

3a. SCORING - For Black Belts the scoring range is 9.90 - 10.0 and for Under Belts the range is 9.80 - 9.90. There will be a 2-point deviation during scoring. 

The 2-point deviation ensures that a judge’s score cannot be more than 2 tenths off the center score. If it is, that score must be adjusted up or down to bring it within 2 tenths of the center score. This promotes fair scoring for all competitors. 

3b. The Judges will score "AFTER" they have seen all the Competitors in that Division. (Forms)

4.  AGE - Player must compete at the age they were on January 1st of that year.
(for instance...if you are 11 on January 1st, and you turn 12 on January 2nd you would compete as an 11-year-old)

5.  BELT RANK - You must compete with the Proper colored Belt that fits that division.

(Novice - White, Yellow, Orange. Intermediate - Green, Blue, Purple. Advance – Red, Brown). Black Belts cannot compete in an Under Belt division.

5a. You may compete up in rank (Under Belt to Black Belt), but once you do so, you will have to compete at that rank level for the rest of the WSKL season. You cannot compete down in rank.

6.  SCORES – Judge’s scores should reflect the competitors place based on his/her performance in the specific divisions against the other competitors in that specific division.


7.  There is no time limit for forms.

7a. Extreme/Musical - you are only allowed music in the musical divisions      

7b. WEAPONS - There are no Restarts if you drop your weapons! (Drop means when the weapon falls to the ground) The judges will deduct .05 off the score at the time of scoring. (The score should be no higher than a 9.95 for Black Belts and 9.85 for Under Belts if a drop occurred).

7c.  CREATIVE/CREATIVE WEAPONS - there are NO inverted Ariel or gymnastics moves. You may spin more than 360 Degrees, butterfly or butterfly twist kicks or variation. Forwards rolls and splits are allowed. CANNOT DO - anything inverted, (inverted means when both feet and hips are above your head) This includes corks, Touch Down Rise etc.

7d.  JAPANESE FORMS - no kicks above chest level. Must wear a martial arts uniform (Any Color) and Belt. (NO T-shirts allowed or fighting uniforms). BLACK BELT DIVISIONS ONLY!!!

7e. KOREAN or AMERICAN STYLE- Must wear a martial arts uniform (Any color) and Belt. (No T-shirts allowed or fighting uniforms).  You are allowed to kick as high as you able too. BLACK BELTS ONLY!!!

7f. TRADITIONAL FORMS – There is no limit for the number of yells in traditional forms.

7g. UNDER BELT TRADITIONAL- It may be any school traditional form. Same for Traditional weapons. Except no releases for weapons.

7h. TRADITIONAL WEAPONS - Same as Traditional forms (7d., 7e.) no releases for Under Belts and Black Belts!

7i. TEAM FORMS – Under Belt teams cannot have Black Belts on the team. However, Black Belt team are allowed to have Under Belts on their team.

8. ORDER OF COMPETITORS - The order for each Division will be decided by a random draw. Either by a computer system like Uventex or You may also use cards or chips. In the case of cards or chips the highest would go last and the lowest member would go first.

9. RESTARTS - There are no restarts, except for novice competitors. No restarts are allowed for Intermediate – Black Belt.

10. MUSIC PLAYERS - The Competitors will need to bring their own music player unless Promoter 

provides them. (ask Promoter) 

11. SPLITTING DIVISIONS - judges may split divisions at 8 -12 competitors. (Judge’s discretion).


12. JUDGES - There must be 3 Judges. 1 Center judge, and 2 side judges.

13. SAFETY EQUIPMENT- Mouthpiece, groin cup (males), hand, foot (ring stars can be

used), and headgear are required. It is recommended for all 17 and Under fighters to wear a face shield and chest protector. If a competitor wears glasses then they must have a face shield. Cups "CANNOT" be worn outside of the uniform. (NO OPEN FINGERED GLOVES/MMA STYLE).

14. TIME LIMIT- 2 Minutes for each match. In case of a tie the first point wins. (Sudden death).

15. TIME OUTS - Each player is granted 1 ten second timeout per match. The time out can only be called when there's a break. Coaches can call time-outs.

16. SCORING - Points are awarded by a majority vote from the Judges.
Points are awarded as followed- 1 point for any punch or kick to the body, 1 point for a punch to the head, 2 points for a kick to the head, & 3 points for any spin or cartwheel kick to the head. A jump spin kick to the body is worth 2 points. NO GROIN KICKS, SPINNING BACK FISTS, OR GROUND FIGHTING ALLOWED.

16a. NO EXCESSIVE FACE CONTACT! If one or both fighters are punching excessively and or disrespectful, they are eligible for DQ. (Judge’s discretion)

16b. INFRACTIONS – The order is as follows: Verbal Warning, Official Warning, -1 point, Disqualification

17. SCORING AREAS - you can score to the Head (this includes the back of the head), Chest, Abdomen & Kidneys 

18. NUMBER OF POINTS TO WIN- The player with the most points after 2 minutes or has a 10-point spread will be the winner. (They only have to win by 1 point) However in grands, you must win by 2 points.

19. TECHNIQUES - Allowed techniques include all kicks, punches, knife hand, ridge hand, spin kick and aerials. NOT ALLOWED ARE SPINNING BACK FISTS, GROIN KICKS AND GROUND FIGHTING.

20.  OUT OF BOUNDS - the competitor cannot score a point if he/she has both feet out of the ring, however he/she can score on an opponent in bounds if he/she has at least one foot in bounds. 

20a. RUNNING - If a fighter runs or keeps falling to avoid the fight, their opponent will be awarded 1 point for each infraction. (judge’s discretion)

21. UNIFORMS - a competitor can wear a fighting style uniform or a martial arts Gi.
Wushu style uniforms are acceptable. (No t-shirts allowed unless they are part of your school uniform.) must wear Belt. 

22. COACHING – is allowed for Black Belts but not Under Belts. Coaches must sit in a designated chair next to the ring.

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